Slurm Tutorials

Slurm Workload Manager: Architecture, Configuration and Use

Introduction to the Slurm Workload Manager for users and system administrators, plus some material for Slurm programmers: Slurm Workload Manager

Introduction to Slurm Tutorial

Introduction to the Slurm Resource Manager for users and system administrators. Tutorial covers Slurm architecture, daemons and commands. Learn how to use a basic set of commands. Learn how to build, configure, and install Slurm.

Introduction to Slurm Tools

This video gives a basic introduction to using sbatch, squeue, scancel and scontrol show job on the computers at Brigham Young University, Fulton Supercomputing Lab.

Introduction to Slurm Tools

Slurm Database Usage

Slurm Resource Manager database for users and system administrators. Tutorial covers Slurm architecture for database use, accounting commands, resource limits, fair share scheduling, and accounting configuration.

Slurm Database Usage video on YouTube (in two parts)
  1. Slurm Database Usage, Part 1
  2. Slurm Database Usage, Part 2

Last modified 10 September 2013