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Starting COMSOL-Jobs

Using Comsol in its non parallel version you may simply type

module add comsol/latest
export LM_LICENSE_FILE=/location_for_your_comsol_license
sbatch -t 30 -n 1 --mem 2000 -J Comsol -L comsol --wrap "comsol batch -inputfile input -outputfile output"
or you copy the following into a file, like,
#SBATCH -t 30
#SBATCH -n 4
#SBATCH -L comsol
#SBATCH --mail-type=END
#SBATCH --mem 4000

export LM_LICENSE_FILE=/location_for_your_comsol_license

module add comsol/latest

comsol batch -np $SLURM_NPROCS -inputfile input -outputfile output

and submit it via
This will submit a job with a runtime of 30 minutes requesting 4 GB RAM and 4 cores of one node. You will receive an email at its end. Further information about parameters to SBATCH may be found here.