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Running Fluent Jobs

You find options and parameters for starting Fluent jobs in jSLURM.
First of all a so called journal file is needed there basic fluent commands are collected. For a documentation on creating and reading journal files you may search for journal file automatically created by fluent. Most users open the Fluent GUI and record what they are doing and use the menu item to write a journal file. It is human readable and easy customizable.


In most cases Fluent calculations benefit from using several processors. It is possible to use 16 (or less) processors of one node or even N times 16 with N nodes. Please control the effectivity of your running job and compare times when enlarging the number of processors used. If

time with M procs time with N procs NM * 0.9

then the usage of N (> M) processors is meaningfull. If the factor drops below 0.8 you should in any case use the smaller set of M processors instead.