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Starting Lumerical-Jobs

Lumerical may either be used with Intel MPI or in a shared memory version. We recommend the shared memory version, which then allows up to 24 job slots. You may switch to the Intel MPI version by specifying the option --mpi.

The submission of jobs for Lumerical is embedded in sbatch-lumerical which should contain all possible options. Please inform us in case something is missing.

To submit a job:

sbatch-lumerical [-h] [-v] [--queue <queue>] [--project <project>] [--jobname <name>] \
  [--memory <memory>] [-t|--walltime <hh:mm>] [--mpi] [--jobslots <cores>]  \
  [--version <module version>] -i|--input <infile>
Optional options are enclosed in []. Alternatives carry a |. Some options require additional parameters indicated by a < > pair. The \ at the end of a line indicates a continuation in next line.