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Starting Mathematica-Jobs

The submission of jobs for Mathematica is embedded in sbatch-mathematica which should contain all required options. Please inform us in case something is missing.

To submit a job:

sbatch-mathematica [--help] [--verbose] [--jobslots <n>] [--queue <q>] \
[--project <p>] [--jobname <j>] [--walltime <t>] [--input <i>] \
[--version <v>] -- Parameter/Options for Mathematica
Optional options are enclosed in []. Some options require additional parameters indicated by a < > pair. The \ at the end of a line indicates a continuation in next line. Input may be either a series of commands to mathematica or a wolframscript.

In case you want to use more than one CPU-core you should add the following lines to your input:


Mathematica works with a busy additional master core and therefore it's best to reduce the parallel cores by one.