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Starting Matlab Jobs

You find options and parameters for starting Matlab jobs in jSLURM.

Alternatively we have prepared a script with following options:

sbatch-matlab [-h] [-v] [--jobslots ] [--queue ] [--project ] \
 [--jobname ] [--walltime 
Optional options are enclosed in []. Some options require additional parameters indicated by a < > pair. The \ at the end of a line indicates a continuation in next line. -h will help you and -v provides verbosity. Input may be a file with matlab commands (.m file).

In case you really want to - there are plenty alternatives to this - use Matlab together with a GPU, you may have a look at

sbatch-matlab-gpu [-h] [-v] [--gpus ] [--queue ] [--project ] [--jobname ] [--memory ] [--walltime ] --input