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ANSYS structural mechanics

You find options and parameters for starting Ansys jobs in jSLURM.
ANSYS includes FLUENT and CFX. Look for more details there.


Structural mechanics calculations allow shared memory (1 node) and distributed memory (MPI) parallelization. In the vendor documentation shared memory parallelization is said to be meaningful for at most 4 cores.

According to vendor documentation parallelization with MPI may in some cases be possible on up to hundred of processors in other cases it will internally switch to shared memory parallelization or even break down. Thus, MPI parallelization requires a very careful usage and that you really compare run times with several processor settings.

If time with M procs time with N procs N M * 0.9 then the usage of N (> M) processors is meaningfull. If the factor drops below 0.8 you should in any case use the smaller set of M processors instead.